kemitchell’s Help Wanted

I often work alone, but I never succeed alone. This page helps me think about the help my projects need, and makes those needs public.

If you can help me out in any of the ten ways below, or just want to talk about the projects, send me an e-mail. I’ll get back to you quickly. Thanks!

I could sure use…

  1. Introductions to lawyers from non-US, common-law jurisdictions willing to review a new version of The Waypoint NDA for use under their home law.
  1. Introductions to open source developers who want to try to make money by dual-licensing new projects.
  2. Independent open source software developers interested in new ways to sustain their work.
  1. Intros to companies running open source business models that need legal help.
  2. Intros to companies in need of help on projects that require both law and software work and expertise.
  1. Intros to deals lawyers who are or have been computer programmers.
  2. Intros to deals lawyers who are passionate about plain-language drafting.
  3. Intros to people who are interested in bringing open-source-style tools and culture to law.
  1. Intros to academic, hobbyist, and community-lab scientists interested in the public domain.
  2. Intros to IP attorneys at science companies, especially those already using defensive publication services.
  3. Intros to organizations interested in funding ongoing work on public-domain science.